AP English 11 Summer Assignment

Summer Reading Assignment 2018-2019

AP Language and Composition (Grade 11)

Mrs. Sansom


  1. Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything (Levett and Dubner)

  2. Outliers: The Story of Success (Gladwell)

AP Student,

The AP English Language and Composition course focuses on the ability of students to not only analyze texts, but to also create an argument utilizing their prior knowledge as well as outside sources. In order to prepare students to write solid arguments, you are to read Freakonomics and complete the activities that follow for each chapter. These activities are to be TYPED using MLA format. In addition, students must read Outliers: The Story of Success (Gladwell). There will be an in-class essay for Outliers during the first week of school.

1. For EACH chapter-- In 100 words, explain what argument is being made and how the authors make and support it.  Label each chapter, then discuss the argument, how the authors make the argument (is something being compared?), and how the argument is supported (e.g. examples, statistics, etc).   

2. Complete a dialectical journal of at least four entries for ONE CHAPTER.

3. Choose one page (from the chapter used to complete your dialectical journal) and choose FIVE significant words. Label each of the words as having a positive or negative connotation, or as neutral. Is the diction (word choice) formal? Informal? Make use of colloquialisms or slang? Free write and discuss how the diction is important to your understanding of the book and the author's purpose. Cite the page number.

4. Each of these chapters is essentially an argument- inquiring into problems, examining solutions, trying to persuade others to notice something, think about something, or change something. They are trying to challenge the status quo or norms.  As a whole, what do you believe are the authors’ central argument or claim? Explain how it is relevant to you, your community, the state, the country, and/or globally. Agree or disagree with the authors’ argument. Must be one FULL page.

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